Tales of Rejection and Complication: The Seminal Chick Flicks of 2009

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Let’s be honest here: 2009 wasn’t the greatest year for chick flicks. But the true aficionado can appreciate even the less classic of her genre. Nonetheless, choosing a top 5 was easy. Let’s review, shall we?
Tales of Rejection and Complication: The Seminal Chick Flicks of 2009

5The Princess and the Frog

Come on, you know this is actually the best movie on this list. We put it in the last spot in acknowledgement of the fact that officially it is an animated kid’s movie rather than a romantic comedy. However, if you take out the voodoo and dancing alligators, it’s actually an awesome chick flick with a romantic and satisfying ending. This is a traditional Disney Princess movie only, unlike many of the golden oldies, it is the heroine who has to physically rescue the prince while he teaches her about the meaning of love. A role reversal of which we heartily approve. And even better: (Spoiler Alert!) in the end, she doesn’t even have to give up any of her dreams from before she got that lesson. Score one for girl power!
Honorable Mention

This animated movie is not a chick flick. It is a whimsical adventure about finding friendship in unexpected places. However, the back-story, which provides the motivation for the action is possibly the sweetest, most romantic ten minutes in all of movie-dom. We can think of no more genuine and straightforward portrayal of everyday true-love between everyday people and so we feel that it deserves to some recognition.

Think you know of a chick flick that can bring 2009 some credit? Let‘s hear it!

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