Grab A Box of Tissues, These Are The Best Chick Flicks of 2008

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Not just any movie can earn the honor of being called a chick flick. To earn the title a movie has to be light-hearted, have a female main character and a plot that revolves around love or dating. But even with those strict criteria, 2008 had a ton of great choices. In fact, we had to brutally cut some great chick flicks including one with Patrick Dempsey, which is how you know we were serious about this.
Grab A Box of Tissues, These Are The Best Chick Flicks of 2008

227 Dresses

This one makes the number two spot for its straightforward and shameless adherence to the classic chick flick plot line. The Cinderella-esque damsel in distress is taught to stand up for herself by the cute, if slightly shaggy, Prince Charming. We didn’t have to compromise here, as this follows all the rom-com rules. We’re talking public declarations of love, slightly creepy and intrusive romantic gestures, and cynical views of marriage held by the male lead, which of course change when he falls in love with our beautiful girl-next-door.

Of course, there were plenty that didn’t make the cut. Made of Honor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Twilight are just of the few examples of 2008 releases that just couldn’t fight their way to the Top 5. Think you can make their case? Give it a shot. Especially Twilight — We’d love to see you argue that one.

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